The Power of the Healing Body

Yesterday I got a tooth out, a molar, the biggest tooth in the mouth. Half an inch long (guess). I sat calm for the entire extraction. Frequent meditation is allowing my mind to go to a calm place a lot easier than ever before , or to distract myself from uncomfortable situations. When I see the size of the tooth lying on the dentist table I cannot fathom how my mouth is going to heal. She sticks a cotton bud on it and sends me on my way.

I make the mistake to look at it later . Wow there is a massive hole in my mouth. How will it heal? How will it not get infected? Because it just will. A blood cloth forms, new cells grow and cover up the hole and heal. If that is not magic I don’t know what is. Since meditating I have really started to notice the miracles around me every day instead of just taking these things for granted. I don’t even have to try. I am in awe. Like when I was watching the fireworks the for New Years, I was so memorised by the display I for once did not capture it on my phone. I thought if a simple firework can display such beauty imagine what I as a human could create.

Anyways back to the tooth how incredible astounding is the human body. The ability to repair such trauma. If that’s possible can we say the same thing about any difficulty that the human experiences. Heart ache, abuse, loss or sorrow. I am beginning to believe that all the help, band aids, medicine, therapy, reassurance that we seek to heal us is actually already inside of us. If we place enough trust we can repair ourselves.


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