Solo Travel and Loneliness

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

This post gives an insight into some of the less happier days one encounters while backpacking alone.

Date:7/10/15 Location: Bangkok,Thailand.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantiest sensations in the world”……Really?Im going to find who ever wrote that quote and have a word with them.

9am: Wake up. Very tired and lonely. Choosing to travel alone means there are times when I feel lonely, lost, homesick and anxious. Yesterday I booked into a dorm to meet other backpackers. As I didnt do much research on places to go here I figured meeting some fellow backpackers would educate me quickly on the best places to visit, eat, avoid etc. After realising my dorm was empty and basically my hostel too(which apparently is not unusual as its not peak season) I get a sickening feeling in my stomach. I just want to chat with someone.

I decided to take a short stop in Thailand before heading back to Australia and New Zealand to relax on a beach for a few days and tick it off the list as Ive never been. Turning 28 next year I thought I better do it now before I’m past it. Having been to Vietnam and Cambodia in the past I made up my mind that Asia wasnt really for me. Perhaps thats a sin to say. Everyone’s meant to love Asia right?Deciding not to let one experience put me off here I am giving it another go. Day two Bangkok. I’ve tried it. Can I go now? Lets get to Sydney. I hear its sunny there unlike the torrential rain fall here.

Last night to combat the loneliness I took a walk down the famous Khao San Road in Bangkok and decide randomly to get my my nose pierced. Khao San Road is an affront to the senses . It’s a frentic scene of neon signs, drunk backpackers and scantily clad promo girls who may or not be transvesties. I spent a few hours people watching tasting some street food, peanutty pad thai and banana pancakes for $2. Delicious . After one beer and a few selfies of my new piercing I head back to the hostel. Being on my own means I cant stay out late.Walking alone late at night is not a cliche I want to get caught up in.

Another lonely night leaves me feeling fairly bleek. When I wake up and last nights rash decision is coming back to bite me. The piercing came loose during the night. Which isn’t surprising. Anyone that knows me knows I’m the most fidgety sleeper. After breakfast I spend 4 hours waiting for the piercing place to open to get it refit. All i want to do is get out of this city ASAP . Opening times says 10am its now 2pm. When do I give up?The guy in the shop next door keeps phobbing me off. ‘Another half an hour, another half an hour miss he be here don’t worry. ‘ As I sit waiting helplessly I see two guys walking towards me . Definelty Irish. Its hard to explain why its so easy to spot an Irish guy in a crowd even in this busy frantic city. It’s a sixth sense I suppose. Its been ages since I’ve met another Irish person . I’m definelty talking to these guys. After spending the night alone in a 6 bed dorm I’m craving the speak to someone and I haven’t met an Irish person in months. Talking to people from back home on this trip makes me feel warm and fuzzy. A sense of familiarity in places that seem far from my comfort zone. They must think I’m a bit crazy. I divulge way to much info. An open book as they say. As hungover as they are they sense my uneasiness and try to console me. Ah god bless them.They also assure me that ill regret it if I leave Thailand without at least visiting some Islands. Suggesting that I fly to Koh Samui and chill there. We say are goodbyes. I’m sure I’ll see them again they only live about 20 minutes away from me back home.

10pm: I lie in bed sobbing on the island of Koh Samui. After spending half the day trying to sort out my nose piercing which has now fallen out , booking a last minute flight to Koh Samui arriving to my beach hostel that’s over booked me, getting dropped to a guest house in the middle of no where run by two old English people where there are no other guests and ending up watching coronation street yes Corrie while eating cabbage bacon and spuds with two old age pensioners I’m emotional to say the least.

Day two ends in Thailand and no sun sea or feelings of loving this place has emerged but in the words of one of my close friends not every where you go is amazing and your not going to fall in love with every place. Very true whats one persons paradise is another's persons hell. Lets hope tomorrow is better.


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