Reflection’s on Turning 30

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Of course I wouldn’t be me if hitting a millstone birthday didn’t leave me feeling a little reflective. As I celebrate the last week of my twenties, I start to give thought to perhaps how I visioned this time of my life to be and the reality of where I am at. Married perhaps or even in a relationship. Kids or planning a family maybe . A house or mortgage perhaps . A permanent job or having my career on track.  What I realise now is that they are all ‘things’. Things that I know now don’t necessarily mean happiness or fulfillment.  If anything the last decade has thought me that happiness starts with yourself.

The most important thing in my life is accepting and loving myself and in recent times really accepting my ‘flaws and weaknesses’ and truely living a life where I am not dependant on things or others but looking inwardly. Of course life is better shared and we need other people but we have to love ourselves firstly. Self love isn’t important its necessary. Believing in yourself and being able to do what you love in life. Surrounding yourself with friends, family and people that bring out the best in you.

So entering this new decade in my life it seems irrelevant to look at what I do have and what I don’t have.  All I know is that I am happy and grateful. Grateful for my self-love, health, independence, friends, family, drive and passion; and the faith that everything that I desire will come. Turning 30 I now know the importance of embracing the uncertainty of an unknown future whilst still being focused on the goals that I want to achieve; and these goals have changed from the goals in my twenties. I spent my twenties  studying, starting my career, seeing the world and learning about what I truely wanted in life. Now  I no longer want to travel the world, or live away from friends, family and my homeland. I am focused on developing my own business, creating the perfect work/life balance, meeting that special person and starting a family.

Over the past decade I have achieved all the goals and dreams that I set out to and I will continue do that but with the experience of knowing that patience, gratitude and trusting in your journey are  the guiding forces.   I also know that life is full of ups and downs and the importance of being able to make space for uncomfortable emotions and experiences  in the journey.

So yes I am turning 30. Yes I am single. Yes I am still renting and yes I know my biological clock is ticking and no ‘I don’t have my ‘life together’; but more importantly than any of these things I am living a life where I get to determine my happiness, with freedom to explore, be fearless, creative and open minded.

Bring on the next decade!xx

PS:  As I prepare for this weekend where I get to celebrate with the people I am closest too I feel its a unique opportunity to celebrate self-love, independence and true happiness . Hen party’s and weddings celebrate romantic love but how about we start celebrating self-love and independence!!!! xoxo


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