Liberate - Feminine Codes of Wisdom

Growing up I always felt different. I always felt emotions deeply. I was seen as a sensitive child who needed to ‘harden up’. This made life hard for me to navigate as I was constantly trying to hide my feelings and reactions. I was conditioned from a young not to feel.

Over the years from both working in the area of Mental Health and becoming a CBT and Act therapist I have learned to feel, express and acknowledge all of the emotions and adversities that life inevitably brings. However what I have learned recently is that being a sensitive woman in this world can still be difficult no matter what your qualification or profession and I that need the support of other sensitive women to remind me that 'its ok to feel.

And that is why I loved the event that Cliona O’ Hanlon facilitated yesterday; Liberate- Feminine Codes of Wisdom. Cliona is a Leadership & Intuitive Coach who states her purpose is to aid in the evolution of humanity which is so needed at this time. A time where people are starting to seek more spirituality, inner peace and self- love in their lives.

Cliona started off the workshop with this quote with R.E.M Everybody Hurts playing softly in the background.

"Denial won’s speed up your healing. Blocking out memories won’t erase what you are feeling. Ignoring your wounds wont subdue the suffering. Accept the pain, acknowledge its existence, learn from it and then release it to create space for something beautiful to take its place". Billy Chapata.

I have goosebumps just thinking about it.These words resonated with me on a deep deep level. . A remembrance of the advice I give everyone else but advice that I have bypassed myself in recent months. It was only in August this year that I presented on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to my colleagues in Temple Street focusing on the importance of learning to Accept our emotional experiences without judgment or trying to suppress them. However in the last few months I forgot to do this for myself. Constantly judging myself for feeling fearful.

Yesterday's event came at a time in my life that I truly needed to hear what Cliona had to say. Hearing it from another Irish Woman whom I could really identify with really really impacted me and healed another part of me I didn’t know needed healing.

I believe women only workshops like this are so very very needed in our self-development journey . We as women need to prioritise on coming together to help each other heal and to support each other through life. I came way from this workshop thinking all women need to hear this wisdom and I hope they do. The workshop included guided meditations, the sharing of Cliona's story and her codes of wisdom for the sensitive, emphatic woman.

Here are a collection of my take home messages from the event;

  • Women in Ireland have been suppressed and oppressed for centuries. This has effected us in many ways. It has made us fearful of sharing our vunerabilties, our wisdom and our experiences in life.

  • Women feel differently to men. We need to honour this.

  • Tears are signs of healing taking place.

  • You have to be your own greatest cheerleader.

  • It takes immense courage to step up and face yourself.

  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore we need to have daily spiritual practices. We need to constantly honour the spirit within us.

  • The path to inner peace is not always peaceful.

  • Healing only happens in the present moment.

  • When we numb or distract from difficult emotions the hurt continues.

  • All the unhealed parts of you and limiting beliefs come to the surface when setting up your own business.

  • When difficult emotions come up ask yourself what are they trying to tell me. What can I learn from them.

  • You must share your truth as sharing your truth can be a mirror to other women for them to heal.

So here is my truth.

I am in the process of falling apart.

Falling away from the familiar.

From people, places, and a career that no longer serve me.

Falling so far away from that comfort zone. That cocoon of warmth and safety.

I am shedding layers. Layers of conditioning. Layers of masculine energy.

And layers of raw vulnerability surround me.

I am choosing to stop distracting myself from constantly doing.

To create space to look inwards instead and explore what emotions need to be brought up the surface.

And sometimes I want to run.

To run back to that comfort zone. To hide away from this pain.

Meditation, journaling and gratitude and my tribe are keeping me on this path and Hallelujah for that.

So I am learning to accept again.

Accepting the issness of life. The up's and the down's.

Honouring that this cycle of my life is what is needed to lead me closer to a more purposeful and authentic life based on love not fear.

I am in the process of falling apart. Falling apart to rise again.

A massive thank you to Cliona for this wonderful event. For bringing like minded women together to heal and to to lead the way for other women to share their truth and wisdom.

Cliona will be facilitating an online program for women called MOMENTUM ~ The Emotional Energy Mastery Programme . Where she will sharing her wisdom about how we as women can manage our emotions and sensitives. Click here to contact Cliona for more information.


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