Is love possible when Travelling

Travel Journal Entry

Date 21/10/15

“We travel for adventure, we travel for architecture but most importantly we travel for romance and love”.

Which one do I get asked the most by family and friends? Love, lust , romance and finding the one of course. My intention for this trip was never to find a partner or love. But friends and even family joked about it happening. “You will be swept of your feet in Rome by Italian who will cruise you across the river Tiber in his yaght. My most vivid memory of Rome was crying in the train station severely hungover from way too many nights out in Croatia and no phone battery to find my way or book a hostel. LOL.

Many people I have met while on this trip have in fact found their partner while traveling . Sharing their romantic love stories of meeting while trecking through rain forets in costa rica or in the dunes of Tanzania. I’ve no such story to share yet. However hours on trains, planes, ferries and busses has left lots of time for reflection including thoughts about love.

When people ask the frequent question have you met the man of your dreams yet I wonder is it possible to find love while travelling? Why am i not writing about meeting the man of my dreams right now is it due to never being in the same place long enough for romance to truly blossom, if the universe hasn’t put that special person in my path yet or if my solo trip has been so self obsorbed that my heart hasnt being truly open to it. Anyone that knows me is well aware of my want to get married some day. On a trip home last year my dad and I had a full on conversation about my wedding day. The venue, the numbers, who in the family I would invite etc. Is it normal to discuss these things even though im no where near or even close to it. Can single women fantasisie about what their husband will look like, what they will look like on the day of their wedding day, what their children will look like and if they will grow old together.

Not only do we have to do without intimacy but society tells us that we cannot dream of these things either. If we are all living by the Law of Attraction then we actually need to fantasise and dream of meeting the one for it to happen as our thoughts influence our experience in life. Recently a fellow traveller gave me a self help book to read. This book however is unlike any self help book i have read before. Titled “How I met the man of my dreams a guide to manifesting yours ” . Besides the corny title it has a lot of psychological evidence based discussion, positive thoughts and the law of attraction that cannot be denied. For example thinking you will never meet anyone or that all men cheat will make you more likely to end up alone or to continously be in cheating relationships.

This book allows us single ladies to imagine what our future patner will look and be like. The book even suggests to vision conversations that you might have with this person or things that you will do together. This book also encourages you to know exactly what you are looking for and being picky until you find that match. If the male population was like the book of yellow pages how would we ever find what we are looking for if we have no idea what that is.

Of course backpackaing alone means that I have met alot of guys along the way. And I have indeed brought my tinder dating international which allowed me to meet some more guys. Great guys in fact that have reminded me of how many honest, kind, decent guys there are out there. Right now im simply flicking through the pages to see whats out there and to find out exactly what i want. Also travelling alone has made me more confident and independent than I have ever been. I now know love and finding a partner will not be about dependence on another person for my happiness or to fulfill me.

Of course I miss the closeness of being with someone and sharing experiences. Like any woman I'm programmed for intimacy and love. Just beacuse Im happy alone doesn’t mean I don't crave love; but that will come. And in the unlikely event that it doesnt it surely doesnt mean that im going to live a long,lonely miserable existence . Quite the opposite infact. After finishing the book I ask myself the question again could I find love traveling. Of course one can find love any where any place in the most unlikely circumstances. The thing is it will happen when its meant to happen. For now I’m just going to keep living a pretty awesome life.


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