Hiking Essentials

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

From hiking over the years I have managed to get more organised and have invested in some good outdoor gear for hiking. Here are some of the essentials that I now will always have with me:

  • Hiking boots preferably water proof.

  • Rain jacket and rain and wind resistant pants.

  • Spare Socks and shoes.

  • Towel.

  • Plenty of water.

  • Hiking poles.

  • Portable phone charger.

  • Snacks.

Outdoor gear can be expensive but its important to invest in good quality clothing. I usually try get my gear when its on sale and recently got some great bargains at The North Face shop at Kildare Village and 53 degrees North based in Blanchardstown.

For me a sense of adventure is also essential for hiking. Some of the best experiences I have had while hiking are getting the off the beaten track, getting away from the crowd and taking time to sit and take in the views.


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