Finding Happiness

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

From Happy out to not Happy at all, to feeling more inspired, focused and creative than ever. The last few months have been a complete breath of fresh air. It’s July now, Summer in Ireland has arrived, a year on since the move back from Australia and I start to reflect on my life in Dublin. How have I managed to turn things around so dramatically since February when I felt confused, unfocused and unstable. How does one move from periods of adversity to periods of happiness and joy.

On reflection here is what helped to get through the tough times:

The importance of being surrounded by like- minded People:

I have met so many like minded people since moving to Dublin. Through instagram, through work and through mutual friends. Meeting these like minded people has really set in stone the people I need to surround myself with. I now strive to be around people who are positive and inspiring. People with drive and ambition, with the desire to start something new, to achieve the impossible and who motivate me to be a better person and to achieve my goals; but most importantly people who I feel safe being myself with. People have a huge impact on your life either positive or negative so choose wisely!

Pursuing Passions:

As a result of surrounding myself with like minded people I have really focused on pursuing my interests, passions and creativeness. I am going on adventures most weekends, as Dublin is in close driving distances to most places in Ireland. Returning back to the Irish landscape and array of walking and hiking routes that Ireland has to offer has been one of the best things about moving home. There is an endless amount of adventures and experiences to be had in Ireland. Perhaps its because I spent most of the last decade out of Ireland that I have an excitement to explore it and it has given me a new appreciation for Ireland. What I once took for granted I now see with new eyes. In recent time I have also I have finally got my blog up and going. It was in 2016 that I first had the idea of starting it. As a result of moving home and , being around like- minded people, engaging more in my passions and having the support of like minded people giving me the confidence to do it, overcoming fear and engaging in passions that are motivating me to write. When you find activities that you love its good for your soul, it makes you feel alive, it makes you tick. Happiness is doing what you love or things that bring you joy.

Overcoming Fear:

Reminding myself that fear cannot get in the way of achieving what is important to me. I have always known this but maybe forgot this for a while. Perhaps fear becomes more intense as we get older or perhaps leaving Australia, being unemployed and then moving to Dublin where I was so far outside of my comfort zone for so long meant that the fear took over. After a job interview for a senior position in work I was reminded that life isn’t about avoiding fear, it is about over coming it to achieve your goals and dreams. Now I am back to the motto; if there is resistance and fear it’s even more of a motivation to achieve. Face your fears head on and smash them and inspire others to do the same.

Manifesting dreams:

Living in Ireland where there just isn’t the same job opportunities, especially on the West Coast of Ireland where I eventually want to settle; has made my dream of having my own business a reality. Without the amazing job opportunities of Australia I have had to think outside the box. How can I live in Ireland long term doing what I love. I think if I had never left Australia I never would have been motivated or inspired enough to make this dream a reality. When I lived in Australia I dreamed of having a sea view retreat of the west coast of Ireland. Now that I am home the dream is becoming more of a when rather than a wish. Last month I spent a half an hour talking to a Kerry man about six acres of land he had for sale on the wild Atlantic Way.

In terms of my want to go back to Australia. A friend of mine was home a few months back and when I seen them having to say goodbye to friends and family to return to Australia I knew my days of saying goodbye to loved ones was over.

Getting back on the self- development wheel:

Priorotising Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, pilates, exercise, doing things that I love, being in nature, healthy eating and reading self help books like ‘A New Earth’ by Eckart Toole. Having good mental health for me is about engaging in these things as much as possible.

Where Joy Hides:

One of the biggest things I have learned over the past few months is that instead of chasing happiness I now know to embrace joy and find ways to put myself in the path of it more often. Be present and you will find little moments of joy every where you go .I really get excited about simple things; a yellow vintage car, cherry blossoms, street art a kid smiling; the list is endless. The more joy you experience the less you need to focus on chasing happiness.

So there you have it. Simple things that have lead to happiness or joy being back.

Life isn’t bout avoiding the downs but it is through these adversities that we become stronger and also learn about what we really need and want from life no matter where in the world we are.

Ireland I love you.


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