Dating Diaries of 2018

I’ve been single almost six years now but that isn’t to say that I haven't had some of the most important interactions with men. From guys I met tinder to random encounters, dating men is something I really enjoy. I love meeting new people. I love hearing people’s stories but most importantly I simply love men. No matter how long the relationship is with each person I always reflect and learn from each meeting as I truely believe every person we meet is sent into our lives for a reason and purpose. To teach us something.

2018 brought ALOT of lessons in Love;


This guy was most definitely brought into my life for a solid reason. Even how we met is a story in itself and really would have been a great story for the grand kids. He is also the guy whom I was told was my soulmate. He might not have been that but he gave me a great life lesson. The importance of prioritising my own self- care above everything else. Sleep, eating healthy, meditation etc. If this doesn’t get done nothing else is to be done. For an anxious person who found it hard to sit still and worried abut the millions of things I needed to get done in a day, this lesson was life changing. Also I got a message from this guy recently thanking me for sparking off a life changing journey for him. I am so grateful we were both able to impact each others life in such a meaningful way.


I think that this caused me so much pain I suppressed it. I nearly forgot to mention him here. A person I have been friends with for years, best friends even. For our entire friendship anyone close to me who has spent time with us has told us both that we need to get together romantically. We finally did. When it didn’t work out I felt so rejected as this was the one person in my life who knew the real me and here he was saying no. I soon learned that our friendship was my crutch through my years of singlehoodness . He was that male connection I was missing. I am so grateful for that but it was time to do things solo. To be my own best friend again.

Conor's very decent camera skills.


Jaysus where do I start with this one. The brief encounter with this guy thought me to practice more self- love and the importance of living a life free of fear. He also made me want to become the best version of myself, to finally calm my mind and reach new levels of spirituuality. With him my mind was opened to the world of sexual intelligence. The intense energy and healing power that intimacy can bring far beyond sexual satisfactions. He also reminded me to set daily intentions and to manifest the life I desire.The emotions I experienced with this person showed me how truly exciting it is meant to be when you meet someone special. I think I had been settling up to this point.


The casualness of our relationship showed me my huge need for intimacy. It has also shone a light on my selfish / needy side. Good riddance to that relationship & to be being selfless from now on.


This guy thought me the importance of just going out and having simple fun together. No deep and meaningful stuff here but still a really important lesson for me. I felt so at ease and myself with this guy straight away. His energy and vibe was healing. With so many men I've dated I’ve been made to feel (yes my lack of self love at the time allowed me to take this on) a bit crazy or an over thinker. This guy embraced that side of me and even motivated me to do a happy dance to together on our second date at sunset. Pure bliss. Elaine your only uneasy around the wrong type of guys. Date more guys like Andy.

Pretty cool lessons and connections right? Yep but with these awesome connections came heartbreak when they ended. Fear of something ending or not working out or getting your heart broken cannot stop you from dating and finding love. It's just part of life, It's inevitable. Even if you stay with that person for a life time heartbreak will happen. Liking someone & loving someone makes us vulnerable and thats OK. It certainty wont be stopping me from finding love in 2019 xoxo.

The smile Andy put on my face. Another decent photo taker.


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