Ag Roinnt an Solas

Updated: Mar 14

We are a group of friends who are very fortunate to have become the guardians of a beautiful piece of nature which is named, Ag Roinnt an Solas which is Irish for Sharing the Light. We feel called to gather people here who wish to cultivate and share their light with others and the world around them. This is a gathering for people who want to bring more goodness into the world and who are open to embracing the spirit of the land.
In the midst of the current upheavals we are witnessing in the world we feel a gathering like this is exactly what we need. A place to come to ground, anchor and connect to ourselves, each other and nature.
There are infinite ways for a human to share, cultivate and express their own inner light whether through talking, music, singing, dancing, cooking, writing or through silence. Our vision is to nurture a space where people can come to be creative, spontaneous and expressive or just to simply be and to receive light from others. This gathering is about tapping into the ancient Irish culture and wisdom of this land through all of our senses supported by music and deep connection to one another.
As well as coming to attend this gathering we are inviting people to share their talents whether it be through music, poetry, meditation, yoga or anything you would like to share. There will be a stage and a workshop space for people to create. When booking tickets if people can let us know what they might like to create or share.
The land is a very untouched piece of countryside where we are cultivating an off grid and sustainable environment. We use minimal electricity from solar power and collect our water from a spring. The land has various habitats of living bog, open pasture, thick bush, trees, wildflowers, a stream and a river.
The toilets here are compost toilets and we don’t yet have showers, and we ask people to bring their own tents to the gathering. We practice a plant based diet and we ask that all who attend bring a dish or some food that we as a community can cook and share together.
Our vision is to build a community who gather throughout the year and share and support each other and co create on this beautiful life Journey.If this makes your heart sing we would love for you to join us at our first music gathering.


Kids are more than welcome. However they may be loud music at times. When we confirm children attending we can set up some play areas for kids and would love if parents could bring along some arts and crafts.

Line up

We are currently seeking out musicians and other creatives and will announce a line up closer to the date. Music will be mixture of folk, trad music, local musicians & electronic.
Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 4th.
Two nights camping.
Gates open 11am on Saturday morning.
1pm Opening ceremony & Bealtaine Fire Lighting.
Closing ceremony Monday at 11am.

Things to bring

Please feel free to unleash your creative expression with clothes and attire. It is of course the Bealtaine festival that weekend so we will be celebrating as our ancestors have done for many moons. Traditionally flowers and plenty of colour is the tradition of costume for this festival.
Musical instruments, clothes for art and craft supplies, magical wonderments,
Clothes swap. We are very passionate about sustainable fashion and a fun way to bring this into our lives is through clothes swaps. We are inviting people to bring pieces of clothing that they no longer want and will have tent where people can swap clothing.
Compost toilets are available but we don’t have sinks so please bring plenty of hand sanitiser.
Tent and camping equipment such as sleeping bag.
Torches as areas at night will be dark.
Power banks if you want to charge your phone.
Wellies or sturdy shoes.
Depending on weather bring plenty of warm clothes for night time.
As we are aiming to be zero waste we are asking people to bring refillable water bottles, coffee cups and your own cutlery and bowl/ plate for food.


In order to preserve the sacredness of the space we would ask for people to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum so as to cultivate a strong bond to people and land without any distortion. This is a safe space to express freely and be vulnerable with no judgement.


The money brought in by the tickets will be invested back into the land by way of extra compost toilets, music equipment, materials for building and for further plans like a meditation hall, permaculture farm, cob buildings and areas for people to come and create or to just be.
We are taking payments for tickets through this PayPal link. Click here. Tickets are €40 & children go free. Please insert your name when transferring money for proof of ticket. Please email agroinntansolas@gmail. com if you would like to create at the gathering or call George at 087 1134 184.
We really feel ourselves as Guardians of this piece of land and all of nature and so we want to honour and serve this land and the ancestors here present.


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