5 ways to Master Sustainable Fashion without Compromising on Style

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

As I mentioned in a recent blog post I incorporate minimalism into my life and now Sustainable and Ethical Fashion into my clothes choices. I still have an interest in fashion and to express myself through clothing and I believe this is still possible. So here are 5 ways to master Sustainable Fashion without Compromising on Style:

  1. Shop in Charity and Vintage stores. Try out Folksterkilo sale in Kilkenny or Nine Crows Temple bar. Try charity shops in richer suburbs for some steals. Also donate your unwanted clothes to charity shops. Swap clothes. Look up swap and shop events on in your area . On organise a swap event in your area for charity or have swap events parties with your friends . Think of all the clothes you are you friends have with items only worn once or twice.

  2. Buy High Quality and Timeless Design from brands that have a sustainability statement on their website, or a social or ethical policy will always be my preference from now on. These clothes are expensive. Have a yearly clothes budget and all the money you save from cheap unethical clothing can be spent on ethical key pieces for your wardrobe.

  3. Buy only things that you Love and think you will get at least 30 Wears out of. Buying neutral colours and classic staples works best for this. Of course treat yourself every now again and thats where vintage shops come in handy for me.

  4. Be Creative with your existing wardrobe. Wear what you have and be grateful for what you own. When you feel grateful for everything you own, the desire to own more gradually disappears.

  5. Finally Recognise we all need to recognise the impact of our consumption. Stella McCartney is quoted in The True Cost saying “the customer is in charge in the fashion industry”, and it’s so true. It’s simple supply and demand. If the demand for these sweat shop based clothing brands goes down, so too will the supply. We should be supporting the brands who support ethically sourced and fair trade clothing!

Elaine xoxo


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