Elaine is a qualified Spiritual Life Coach, Mental Health Social Worker, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Acceptance and Commitment Therapist. 

Elaine runs her own Spiritual Coaching Business and works with people from all over the world through her online  business helping them to maximise their well-being and potential in life.  


Elaine has worked with 1,000s of people one to one over her career as a life coach, therapist & social worker. She has also engaged in 300 hours of personal therapy, attends monthly supervision and engages in her own therapy.



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Bachelor of Social Science from University College Dublin (2006-2009)

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Masters of Social Work from University College Cork (2010-2012)

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Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from CBT Australia (2015) 

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Certificate in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dr Russ Harris Australia 2015 

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Diploma in Business & Life Coaching from the Irish LifeCoach Institute (2019)

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Diploma in Forest Bathing from the Centre of Excellence (2020)

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Neuroscience Based Workshop with Leading Alive (2020)

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Elaine is currently training to become a Reiki Practitioner with Zen Wellness in Dublin (2020/21)

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Elaine is self-taught in various Holistic  & Spiritual Modalities through reading, research & workshops/retreats such as Ancestral Trauma & Healing, Meditation, Somatic Therapy, Divine Feminine Healing, Buddhism, Druidry & Nutrition. 


Prior to setting up her own business Elaine worked in the area of Mental Health for 7 years and is extremely passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing.  Some of her work experience includes; Elaine was a therapist with a Mental Health Counselling Service with the Department of Veteran Affairs in Sydney, Australia. Which involved implementing psychological interventions such as CBT, ACT, Narrative therapy, & Risk assessments with current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Forces. Elaine also managed a GP referral counselling service in Perth Western Australia. Which involved working with people one to one who were experienced low mood, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. Elaine also worked as a counsellor in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Western Australia working with indigenous communities, families and children in a primary school setting. 


More recently Elaine worked as a Mental Health Social Worker in Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin which involved responding to the needs of young people and their families who were experiencing difficulties such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, bullying, emotional deregulation and loss & grief. 


Due to Elaine’s extensive experience and training she has a massive insight into what tools and interventions can help heal people. Elaine is extremely passionate about talk therapy and how sharing your story and reaching out for help can be one of the biggest and easiest ways to navigate the difficulties of life.  

Elaine is also passionate about the healing power of nature and is an outdoor enthusiast having hiked all over the world. Elaine promotes spending time in nature as a prescription for stress relief and wellbeing. Through her social media channels she promotes environmentalism, sustainable living, self-care and talk therapy. 



My Philosophy

Elaine believes that if you want to truly change your life,  to change the externals in your world,  you have to look inwards & change your inner world by starting to truly love yourself. By healing the wounds and extracting the wisdom. By working with the ancestors & past life trauma to truly heal & to embody who you came here to be.  By tuning into your hearts desires and souls purpose. And freeing your mind and soul and learning to flow in the magic of life. When we change our inner nature and nourish & nurture it daily a fulfilled life is inevitable.