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Ever since a trip to Norway in 2011 and completing my first decent hike  holiday among the Norwegian Fjords I have had a true love for Hiking.


My name is Elaine and I’m a lover of travel, adventure and healthy living. This site is dedicated to my experiences of my journey through life, travel and adventures and also promoting over all health and wellbeing.

I try to avoid being just another blogger whose life seems as perfect as the blue water in their photos. Instead, my posts reflect the complete array of emotions one has while experiencing the world.

The aim of this site is to motivate and inspire people to get out and explore and to write about how they feel. I also want to inspire people to travel and discover Ireland.

I have a keen interest in promoting mental health and a healthy lifestyle and I also am deeply passionate about impelling people to be active  and use nature as a form of therapy.

Where am I headed next?

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